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Gerovital Indications


Gerovital H3 contains procaine, potassium metabisulphite and disodium phosphate.
Its complex effects are due to its activity at the central and autonomic nervous system level, as well as at the cellular level, by stimulating tissues regeneration and by improving metabolic processes; the product has also been proved to act in oxidation-reduction phenomena in the cell.

Aslavital is another product formulated by Dr. Ana Aslan as a development of Gerovital H3, which contains also vitamins, being effective in the prevention and treatment of aging phenomena.


  • systemic atherosclerosis (especially cerebrally located), lipidoses metabolism disorder and extra - systolic arhytmies
  • Parkinson disease and Parkinson syndrome
  • some mental children's disorders
  • prevention of chronic deseases like those owned by artherosclerosis processes, especially affecting central nervous system, heart and vessels.


  • depressive syndrome
  • Parkinson disease and Parkinson syndrome
  • chronic degenerative rheumatism (arthrosis, spondylosis)
  • some inflammatory rheumatic affections
  • systemic atherosclerosis in some ischimia cardiopathy forms, uncomplicated peripheral arteriopathies, dyslipidemia
  • prevention of growing old due to stress, supra-solicitations, nervousness

Contur Travel

GEROVITAL CURES are provided at the Otopeni Clinic near Bucharest, as well as in some SPA resorts, under the RNIGG "Ana Aslan" Clinic's supervision.

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