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You can travel to Romania by plane from major cities of Europe and a few Middle Eastern capitals.
Bucharest's Henri Coanda Airport (OTP) is the largest and busiest Romanian airport.
Due to great distances that have to be covered in Romania (second-largest country in Central Europe, after Poland), getting around Romania is relatively hard and inefficient. Although transport infrastructure has been improving quite significantly in recent times, though roads still remain a weak point.
So, we kindly recommend when touring Romania to choose a private guided tour by car or minibus.

bucharest romania


Tradition connects founding of Bucharest to the name of Bucur (either a princely person, an outlaw, a fisher or a shepherd according to different legends). Yet a fact is doubtless: the name of Bucur is of a Thracian-Geto-Dacian origin.

black sea coast romania

black sea coast

Having an eastward orientation and a record number of sunny weather (2300 - 2400 hours yearly), no tides, wide beaches covered with fine golden sand and sloping gently into the sea, the Romanian Black Sea Coast has become to be one of the favorite vacation places for people of many meridian.

bucovina romania


The landscape is so beautiful here that one can hardly find words to render it.

More important - there are no industrial enterprises, people having as a main occupations the cattle breeding and the wood processing.

carpathians mountains

carpathian mountains

The Carpathian Mountains are the eastern wing of the great central mountain system of Europe along the borders of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and the Ukraine.

danube delta romania

danube delta

As a young region in full process of consolidation, the Danube Delta represents a very favorable place for the development of a flora and fauna unique in Europe with numerous rare species.

transylvania romania


Transylvania, whose name derives from the Latin "TRANSILVANA" (the country beyond the forests) lies in the center of Romania, being surrounded with the Carpathian mountains.


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